Binary and Enumerated Chromosomes in GALIB

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Binary and Enumerated Chromosomes in GALIB

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One can easily imagine a problem where some of the problem parameters could be coded as continuous (binary) chromosomes, and the other parameters could be coded as enumerated chromosomes.


What is the solution?  GeneHunter’s GALIB32.DLL is powerful enough to allow you to mix both kinds of chromosomes in the same individual.


After creating the population, you may create an arbitrary number of continuous chromosomes and an arbitrary number of enumerated chromosomes.  Moreover, it may be done in any sequence.


The crossover type and crossover and mutation rates are set by different functions: SetOperators for binary and SetEnumOperators for enumerated chromosomes.  During reproduction two kinds of chromosomes are processed by their specific crossover and mutation operators, with different crossover and mutation rates.


The only challenge for the user is to write the correct fitness function, which would take into account the contents of all of the chromosomes.