Exploring the Tutorial

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Exploring the Tutorial

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Creating a problem model in GeneHunter requires that you enter the relevant data into an Excel spreadsheet and specify problem solving parameters in a GeneHunter dialog box.  The tutorial example discussed in this chapter is called Camping Trip.  A spreadsheet that contains information about this problem was installed on your hard drive when you ran the GeneHunter setup program.  If you have not installed GeneHunter, please do so before examining the tutorial.


To begin exploring the tutorial:

1.  Open Excel (in which you previously installed GeneHunter).

2.  From the File Menu, select Open.

3.  Open the spreadsheet called GHSAMPLE.XLS which is located in the directory where you installed GeneHunter, e.g., \GENEHUNTER\EXAMPLES\EXCEL. (If you install the entire AI Trilogy set of programs, the GeneHunter folder is a subfolder of the C:\AI Trilogy folder.)

4.  Click on the spreadsheet tab at the bottom of the screen labeled Camping Trip.


Camping Trip Example