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GetEnumChromosome(Population As Integer, Individual As Integer, EnumChromosome As Integer, ChromosomeArray As Integer)


Purpose: This function returns the current contents of a specified enumerated chromosome of a specific individual in the population.  The contents of the chromosome are stored in the array ChromosomeArray which must already be defined in your program.  The dimensionality of the ChromosomeArray must be the length of a specified enumerated chromosome (see MakeEnumChromosome).



Population is the number of the population with which you are working.

Individual is the number of the individual whose enumerated chromosome contents you want to load into an array in your program.

EnumChromosome is the number of the enumerated chromosome whose contents you want to get.

ChromosomeArray is an array in your program where you want the contents of the enumerated chromosome to be stored.


Example: i = GetEnumChromosome(PopNo, 0, 1, ChromoArray(0))


This example retrieves the contents of chromosome 1 of individual 0 in the population PopNo.  The chromosome contents are stored in ChromoArray by GeneHunter, starting in cell 0.  You must make ChromoArray large enough to hold the entire chromosome's contents, or else fatal errors will occur.  See GetEnumChromosomeParm.


Related Functions: MakeEnumChromosome, PutEnumChromosome, GetEnumChromosomeParm