Starting GeneHunter

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Starting GeneHunter

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Creating a problem model in GeneHunter requires that you enter the relevant data into an Excel spreadsheet and specify problem solving parameters in a GeneHunter dialog box.


To open the GeneHunter dialog screen:


1.  Open the Excel spreadsheet that contains the data you want to optimize.


2.  In Excel 2003, select the Tools menu from Excel and then select GeneHunter.  (GeneHunter also appears on the Toolbar.)

    In Excel 2007, 2010, and 2013, select the Add-ins tab and then select GeneHunter.  (GeneHunter also appears on the ribbon.)


3.  The GeneHunter main dialog window is displayed.



Note:  If GeneHunter is not listed in Excel, make sure that you have installed GeneHunter correctly. Refer to Running GeneHunter as an Excel Add-In for more details on how to load GeneHunter as an Excel Add-In.