Tutorial Step 6

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Tutorial Step 6

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The ranges portion of the GeneHunter dialog box allows you to limit the range of variables within which GeneHunter will search for a solution.  For example, the adjustable cells in the Camping Trip example represent the number of servings per day for each food group.  The range has been set from 0 to 10 servings per day for each food group.  It would be unrealistic for GeneHunter to search for solutions that include 100 servings per day of a particular food group.  You could also set individual ranges for each food group by using the Add, Change, and Delete buttons.  Refer to Chapter 3 for details on how to use these buttons.


Note:  When you are setting ranges (hard constraints) to define the minimum and maximum values for the adjustable cells, you must enter a value (number) or cell reference in the edit box on the right. The following is an example of a hard constraint:


Cell B7 <= 10



Figure 4.3  Constraint screen


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