What GeneHunter Includes

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What GeneHunter Includes

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GeneHunter includes a Microsoft® Excel add-in program which allows the user to solve an optimization problem from an Excel spreadsheet, a Dynamic Link Library of genetic algorithm functions that may be called from programming languages such as Microsoft’s® Visual Basic™, C or .NET, and example programs.


GeneHunter installs the following key files on your computer:


C:\GeneHunter (the default directory):

GENEHUNT.XLA  (the Excel add-in file)

GENEHUNT.CHM  (HTML help file for GeneHunter)

\EXAMPLES\Excel, VB6, Delphi6,  and MSVC6  (example programs using GeneHunter created with Excel, Visual Basic, Delphi, Microsoft Visual C, and .NET)


(If you install the entire AI Trilogy set of programs, the GeneHunter folder is a subfolder of the C:\AI Trilogy folder.)


GeneHunter Add-in for Excel files:

See 32-bit and 64-bit Versions of Excel


Programming Library of Genetic Algorithm Functions:

GALIB32.DLL in C:\Windows\System32  for 32-bit Windows

GALIB64.DLL in C:\Windows for 64-bit Windows


If your network does not allow access to your \Windows directory and subfolders, you will have to talk to your network administrator for assistance in installing GeneHunter.