The AutoFill Dialog

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The AutoFill dialog is a helpful utility that will transfer pieces of any previous problem to the current problem.


When you are opening a base problem that has previously been created in NeuroShell 2, a dialog box is displayed which asks if you want to automatically fill in the rest of the base problem with pieces located in the problem directory.  The trained network will be applied to one of the following data files:  .PRO, .TST, .PAT, or .TRN, in the order listed, depending upon whether or not the file exists.  For example, if a .PRO file doesn’t exist but there is a .TST file, the network will be applied to the .TST file.




Once you have created a base problem and have entered a name for an alias problem, the Batch Processor will display a dialog box which asks if you want to AutoFill the remaining pieces of the problem.  You may also select the AutoFill option from the Edit Menu.  A dialog box shows the five pieces of a problem which may be copied to the current problem:



            Mins and Maxes



            Generate a .DEF file


These five sections represent the steps required to create a neural network problem.  AutoFill defaults to copying all five pieces to the current problem.  You may choose not to copy one or several pieces to the current problem by clicking the checkbox beside its title.


If more than one problem is listed in the dialog box for each piece, click inside the box and use the mouse or up and down arrow keys to highlight the problem from which you want to copy.  In other words, you are allowed to copy pieces of different problems into a new problem.