Apply The Neural Network

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The next step in entering a problem into the Batch Processor Batch Grid is to select the data files that will be used when applying your trained neural network.  The Batch Processor gives you a big advantage over NeuroShell 2 in that you can apply the network to up to 10 different data files in an automated fashion.  Double-clicking a cell in this column will display a dialog box.


To select files, click on the disk button on the left side of the dialog.  To remove previously selected files, select the files you would like to remove and then click the remove button which is located below the select button.  You can select several files with the mouse by holding down the control key on the second and subsequent clicks.


The Batch Processor will rename the .OUT files to .OT0 through .OT9 in order to avoid naming conflicts.  For example, suppose you have two problems referencing the same Apply Files.  The first .OUT file will be replaced by the second if the files are not renamed.  In the Batch Processor the files will be renamed to the problem name plus an extension from OT0 to OT9.


Once you select OK from this dialog, the list of files you selected will appear in the Batch Grid.   Also appearing in the Batch Grid is the name to which a file will be renamed once the apply has been completed.