Applying Trained Nets Only

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The Batch Processor may be used to simply apply a trained network to data files rather than training the network and then applying it to specified files.  The Batch Processor skips training if you do not include any file names in the column labeled Use these data files to train with.  You must, however, include an .MMX file in the “Define the networks inputs & outputs” column and the .FIG file in the “Architectures & training criteria” column.  You may include these files by clicking on the cell beneath the appropriate column and then closing the NeuroShell 2 module which is displayed.  You may also use the AutoFill Dialog and click off the check box for the training files.  If you are working with the base problem (in the yellow row), you may have the Batch Processor automatically fill in the pieces of the problem and then erase the training files.