The Batch Grid

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When you execute the Batch Processor, you will be presented with a notebook-style Batch Grid.  The Batch Grid is where you set up the neural networks you want to train.  Double-clicking in a cell will present various data entry dialogs, depending on which column the cell is in.


Each tab represents a problem sequence.  The sequence names are Problem Sequence #1, Problem Sequence #2, Problem Sequence #3, etc.


Each column has a different title and caption.  That is because each column represents a step that is required to build the neural network.  To build the neural network, you will fill in these columns from left to right.


Each row represents one problem.  You need not fill in all of the rows.  Also notice that the first row is yellow and the remaining rows are white.  This is to designate that the first row will always contain a base problem, the problem from which the rest of the row entries will vary.


For detailed information SEE:

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