Crash Protection

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Undoubtedly you have run into a situation where you were working on something very important and Windows crashed or you received a GPF (General Protection Fault) and could not continue running your program.


The Batch Processor counters this with Crash Protection.  If Windows crashes or any fatal action occurs, the Batch Processor will be able to pick up where it left off on the next run of the Batch Processor.


All you need to do is reboot your machine to make sure your system is now stable.  Open the Batch Processor.  Upon starting the Batch Processor, a message is displayed which says the Batch Processor detected a system crash.  You are asked if you want to continue execution of the Batch Session.  At this point you can elect whether to proceed with the session.  If you choose to continue the session, the Batch Processor will resume processing at the point of the crash (i.e. with the module that was last executing when the crash occurred)!