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The best way to learn how to use a system like the Batch Processor Option is to actually try it out.  In this section you are going to use the NYSE problem to learn how to operate the Batch Processor.


If you are unfamiliar with the NYSE problem, it is strongly recommended that you leave this help file and go through the tutorial problem in your NeuroShell 2 help file that discusses NYSE.


If you have gone through this problem before, you will recall that the NYSE problem was used to predict the New York Stock Exchange Index for the following day.  Perhaps you can find better results by iterating through several network types, and different data scaling, activation functions, and training criteria.  This is where the Batch Processor will be useful.


To solve this problem you will go through four main steps:


1. Define the base problem.

2. Define alias problems.

3. Verify the Batch Session.

4. Execute the Batch Session.


To move from screen to screen in this example, you can use the browse buttons (<<) and (>>).