The Execution Dialog

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The Execution dialog allows you to select all or just a portion of the Batch Session to execute.


The Execution dialog gives you the option of executing the entire session, the current sequence, or a user-defined subset of the session.


When you select a user-defined subset of the session, you must also specify the starting sequence and problem, as well as the ending sequence and problem.  The starting point will default to the first problem of the first sequence, while the ending point will default to the last problem of the last sequence.


Once execution has finished, a report with a .LOG extension will be generated for the session.  The report lists the problem name, network type, training time, training set minimum error, test set minimum error, PNN number incorrect, Kohonen unused categories, and the apply files for each network.  The report is displayed in the Results Grid after processing.  The report may also be viewed in the Windows Notepad or in a spreadsheet such as Excel.