Define Inputs and Outputs For The Neural Network

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The next step in building a problem is to define the inputs and outputs for the neural network.  After double-clicking a cell in this column, you are presented with the familiar Define Inputs/Outputs module from NeuroShell 2.  For further information this module, please consult NeuroShell 2 Help file.


If a Minimum/Maximum File (.MMX) already exists for the problem name, the existing values will appear in the Define Inputs/Outputs module.


If it is a new problem or you want to make changes to the existing .MMX file, define which columns will be the network’s inputs and outputs, and then close it down as usual.  Select Exit Define Inputs/Outputs from the File Menu.  Once you close this module, the name of the Minimum/Maximum file will appear in the Batch Grid.  This is to let you know that a Minimum/Maximum File has been selected for the problem in question.


This capability gives you the power to try different inputs and outputs for alias problems and to use different minimums and maximums.