Miscellaneous Options


This section contains three options you may elect to turn ON or OFF by clicking in the check box.


Retain Previous Messages option will allow previous messages to remain in the Message Pane if turned ON.  If this option is turned OFF, all information in the Message Pane will be deleted to clear the screen for new information.


Color Toolbar option allows you to choose either black and white or color Toolbars.  Activating this option enables you to view color Toolbars, while deactivating it enables you to view black and white Toolbars.  You may want to vary this setting depending on which type of screen you are currently using.  For example, you may want to select a black and white Toolbar when using a notebook computer with a black and white (monochrome) screen.


Always Copy Referenced Files option pertains to which action is taken during execution.  For example, you may want all of the files that are referenced in an alias problem to be copied for easier access to the problem using the regular NeuroShell 2 interface.  If this option is turned ON, all referenced files will always be copied.  If this option is turned OFF, only referenced files in a different directory than the alias problem will be copied.