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The NeuroShell 2 Batch Processing Option is a NeuroShell 2 companion product which automates running multiple problems or variations of a single problem.  The Batch Processor trains neural network problems in “batch” mode, processing problems sequentially.


The Batch Processor assumes that data for the problem to be run has already been imported.  The Batch Processor’s ability to allow data files from multiple sources or directories is a major advantage over using NeuroShell 2 alone.


The Batch Processor interface has been optimized for ease of use and puts common user tasks right at your fingertips via a Toolbar.  You will always know what is going on with the help of visual reminders.



Things You Need To Know

Differences Between NeuroShell 2 Batch Processing Option and NeuroShell 2

Description Of Screen Elements

The Menu System

The Toolbar

The Status Bar

The Batch Grid

Rename Problem Sequence

(Base/Alias) Problem & Description

Select Data Files

Define Inputs and Outputs For The Neural Network

Define Architectures & Training Criteria

Apply The Neural Network

Runtime Facilities

The Message Pane

The Results Grid

Execution of The Batch Session

The Execution Dialog

The AutoFill Dialog

Crash Protection

Applying Trained Nets Only

Learning by Example


Step 1: Define the Base Problem

Step 2: Define Alias Problems

Step 3: Verify the Batch Session

Step 4: Execute the Batch Session


Environment Options

Print Options

Printing from the File Menu

Batch Processor: What's Going on Under the Hood

Verification Messages