Step 3: Verify the Batch Session

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You are ready to verify both networks.  Verifying the Batch Session prior to execution assures that there will be no errors during execution.


To verify the Batch Session either select Verify from the Session Menu or click the magnifying glass button from the Toolbar.  If a problem is correct, a green checkmark will appear in the far left column in the row currently being checked and the word "verified" will appear beneath it.  A message will appear in the Message Pane stating that the problem was verified.  If a problem is not correct, the red X will still appear in the far left column of the Batch Grid. The reason the problem did not verify will appear in the Message Pane.  If a problem did not verify, the Message Pane will be very useful in "debugging" the incorrect batch problem.


When you begin to use your own neural networks you may encounter some error messages during verification.  These error messages are listed and explained in Verification Messages.


At this time, all of the problems should have been verified and your screen should look like this:




You are now ready to execute this Batch Session!