Step 4: Execute the Batch Session

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To execute the Batch Session, you can either select Execute from the Session Menu or you can select the Run button from the Toolbar.  The Execution dialog will now appear.  For this problem, stay with the default mode of execution which is "All".  That's it!  The Batch Processor is off and running your neural networks.  You will be notified when the session has completed training.


As you can see by now, you can try many different variations with the Batch Processor.


When the Batch Processor finishes executing the Batch Session, you will be asked if you want to review the <Session Name>.LOG file in the Results Grid.  The Session Name is the name of the session in which you are currently working. The report lists the problem name, network type, training time, training set minimum error, test set minimum error, PNN number incorrect, Kohonen unused categories, and the apply files for each network.  The report is very wide, so make sure you scroll to the right as necessary.  The report may also be viewed in the Windows Notepad or in a spreadsheet such as Excel.  Releases 5 or higher of Excel have a text import wizard which makes it easy to view the .LOG file.  Simply open the .LOG file from Excel. The text import wizard dialog is displayed. Choose Tab as delimiter and follow wizard instructions.