Select Data Files

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The next step in building a neural network problem into the Batch Grid is to select data files for the neural network to train.  You can select a pattern file, training file, or test file.  If you are unsure of the differences between these files, consult NeuroShell 2 Help file.


Note: If you only want to apply a network that has already been trained, leave this cell blank.  (Do not use the Autofill Dialog.  Refer to Applying Trained Nets Only for more information.)


Selecting these data files is a flexible and easy process in the Batch Processor.  Double-click in a “Training Files” cell of the Batch Grid to display a dialog box. Using this dialog you can select files to be used during training.


The Batch Processor defaults to the existing .PAT, .TRN, and .TST files.  If the Batch Processor can find data files in the same directory with the same base or alias name and the appropriate extensions for the pattern, training, and test files, then this dialog will default to those existing files.


If you would like to change the existing defaults or select new files, just click on the disk button on the left side of the appropriate file.  This will display a Windows file selection box, from which you may change your selection.


The Batch Processor uses NeuroShell 2 modules to do the actual training, so NeuroShell 2 conventions apply.  Specifically, if the .TRN file exists it will be used for training; otherwise, the .PAT file will be used.  Unlike NeuroShell 2, however, the .PAT, .TRN, and .TST files may have a different prefix.  For example, if your base problem is ELECTRIC, you may use a file called LIGHTS.TRN to train the network.