Accumulation1 - Put Volume


Accumulation1 - Put Volume

Variable List Abbreviation: Accum1-PutVol


Variable Mode(s): Futures2

[ Note: appears in indicator list only after high, low, and put volume selected ]


Parameter(s): Accum1-PutVol time periods



Sum of weighted put volumes where each time period the put volume is weighted by the difference, relative to the total range, between the high & closing price and low & closing price.  The weighting effectively gives a large weight to time periods in which the close is very close to either the high or low ( a possible upward or downward trend).  A close near the high results in a positive weight, while a close near the low results in a negative weight.



Sum over n time periods of


put volume * (close - low) - (high - close)

                         ( high - low )

Notes:  - if (high-low = 0) for any time period then zero is used in above summation