Advanced Neural Networks Detail


Advanced Neural Networks Detail

The Advanced System gives experienced neural network users the ability to create and execute a variety of neural network architectures with more user control compared to the Beginner's System.


Problem Input

1. File Import - This module allows you to import ASCII, Binary, and Spreadsheet files.

2. Data Entry - This module allows you to enter data in a spreadsheet-like interface.



1. Symbol Translate - This module converts alphanumeric data or symbols into numbers which can be processed by the network.

2. Rules - This module allows you to create If/Then/Else type rules to preprocess data.

3. Custom - This module of NeuroShell 2 options can preprocesses stock market and horse racing data.

4. Variable Graphs - This module allows you to view data graphically.


Build Neural Networks

1. Define Inputs/Outputs - This module allows you to designate which data will be used as network inputs or outputs.

2. Test Set Extract - This module allows you to separate a test data set and/or a production (verification) data set from the training data.

3. Design - This module allows you to design a network by selecting a learning paradigm and architecture and network training parameters.

4. Learning - This module trains the network.


Apply Neural Network

1. Contribution Factors- This module determines which variables the network considers most important in predicting the output.

2. Apply to File - This module processes a data file through a trained network, producing a new file which contains the network's predictions or classifications.

3. Attach Output File - This module combines the new file of outputs to the original pattern file.  You may also use this module to add more data to a file.


Post Network

1. Variable Graphs - This module allows you to view data graphically.

2. Custom - This module contains a NeuroShell 2 option which translates a file processed by the Race Handicapping Prenetwork module into its original form and includes the network's predictions.

3. Rules - This module applies If/Then/Else rules to the network's outputs.

4. Symbol Translate - This module converts numbers into alphanumeric text or symbols.


Problem Output

1. File Export - This module allows you to export data from NeuroShell 2 files into ASCII (text) files, binary files, or to paste data from your NeuroShell files into specific columns in your spreadsheet.

2. Examine Data - Use this module to view files after network processing.

3. Printouts - Use this module to create custom printouts from your NeuroShell 2 files.


The Advanced System can work in two different modes, which may be selected as options from the Advanced Menu:

Design and Test:  Used to create the network and test it's outputs.

Production:  Used for applying a trained network to new data files.  When this mode is selected, some of the icons from the Advanced screen are "grayed out" and are not needed.  This module defaults to applying the network to a .PRO file rather than a .PAT file.