ASCII File Export - Detail


_bm46ASCII File Export - Detail

This module converts a NeuroShell 2 internal format file into an ASCII text file.  An ASCII file may be used in a word processor, notepad, and many other programs and each field is separated by a space, comma, or tab.


Select the NeuroShell 2 file you want to export from the File Menu. NeuroShell 2 converts the NeuroShell 2 .OUT file to an ASCII file.  Use the File Menu if you wish to change the default file name or to view the .OUT file.


Click on the appropriate button in the End of Line box to specify whether or not to add a carriage return/line feed at the end of each pattern in the exported file.  Most programs which read ASCII text files will require this.


Click on the appropriate button in the Column Export box to specify whether to export all variable columns or only selected columns. If selecting columns, click on the check mark below the columns you want to export.


The Field Delimiter box specifies how each field in the file is separated. Select either space, comma, or tab.  The Strings Box specifies whether strings are enclosed in single quotes, double quotes, or no quotes at all.  If strings have no quotes around them, they must not contain delimiters.


Select Include Column Names if you want to include the NeuroShell 2 column names in the first row of the file that is exported.


Select the Export Menu to begin exporting the file once you have specified the export conditions.  You may also use this menu to interrupt the export procedure.