ASCII File Import - Detail


_bm46ASCII File Import - Detail

This module imports an ASCII or text file and converts it to NeuroShell 2 internal file format.  An ASCII file is a readable file that may be created in a word processor, notepad, and many other programs.  Each field is separated by a delimiter which is usually a space, comma, or tab.


Use the File Menu to select the file you want to import. NeuroShell 2 converts the file to a  pattern file (.PAT is the default).  Use the File Menu to change the default file name or to view the .PAT file after it is imported.


The End of Row box tells NeuroShell 2 where the end of each pattern appears in the file. Select carriage return/line feed if they appear at the end of each pattern. Select number of fields if the file contains a continuous stream of fields without interruption at the end of a pattern.  The number of fields is the total number of input and output variables for each pattern.  The number must be greater than 0.


The Field Delimiter box specifies how each field in the file is separated. Select either space, comma, or tab.  The Strings Enclosed In box specifies whether strings are enclosed in single quotes, double quotes, or no quotes at all.  If strings have no quotes around them,  they must not contain delimiters.


The Carriage Return/Line Feed (Properties) box contains a check box which allows the user to choose to ignore leading carriage returns/line feeds and to begin importing the file starting with the first available data.


Select the Column Names box if the first row in the file is a label row.  NeuroShell2 will use the column names found in that row as variable names.


Select the Import Menu to begin importing the file once you have specified the import conditions. Also use this menu to interrupt the import procedure.