Attach Files Top to Bottom


_bm37Attach Files Top to Bottom

Click on this icon when you want to combine two similar files into a single file, such as when you want to add more training patterns to an existing file.


Use the Attach Menu to attach the files or to interrupt the attachment.


File Note:  Use the File Menu to select the two files you want to combine.  The module defaults to creating a new .OUT file, but you may use the File Menu to select a different file name.  Both files must contain the same variables in the same columns.  For example, if you want to attach File B to the bottom of File A and File A has columns price, cost, advertising, and projected sales, File B must have the same columns in the same relative location (price must be the first column in the datagrid or spreadsheet, cost must be the second column, etc.).  If File B has a row that contains labels, you should delete the row before you attach the files so the labels aren't displayed again in the middle of the file.