Beginner's Neural Network Detail


Beginner’s Neural Network Detail

The Beginner's Neural Network module is a simplified set of procedures for building and executing a complete, powerful neural network application in a system that is easier to use than working with the Advanced System.


The Beginner's System uses a three layer Backpropagation network, a universal architecture which has the ability to generalize well on a wide variety of problems.   The Beginner's System presets network parameters such as learning rate, momentum, and number of hidden nodes.  You enter data, specify the inputs and outputs, and train the network.  You are then able to apply the trained network to new data and export the results.


The Beginner’s System is divided into four panels.


Problem Input

1. File Import - This module allows you to import ASCII, Binary, and Spreadsheet files.

2. Data Entry - This module allows you to enter data in a spreadsheet-like interface.


Build Neural Networks

1. Define Inputs/Outputs - This module allows you to designate which data will be used as network inputs or outputs.

2. Test Set Extract - This module allows you to separate a test data set from the training data.

3. Learning - This module allows you to select network training parameters and trains the network.


Apply Neural Network

1. Apply to File - This module processes a data file through a trained network, producing a new file which contains the network's predictions or classifications.

2. Attach Output File - This module combines the new file of outputs with the original pattern file.  You may also use this module to combine any two internal (spreadsheet) files.


Problem Output

1. File Export - This module allows you to export data from NeuroShell 2 files into ASCII (text) files, binary files, or to paste data from your NeuroShell files into specific columns in your spreadsheet.

2. Examine Data - Use this module to view files after network processing.