Binary File Export - Detail


_bm47Binary File Export - Detail

This module converts a NeuroShell 2 internal format file (usually a .OUT file) into a binary file that may be read by another program.  A binary file is written in internal machine format and includes numbers only, with no blanks in between.  A binary file is read by a program rather than in a word processor or notepad.


Use the File Menu to select the file you want to export. NeuroShell 2 converts the file to a binary file.  Use the File Menu to change the default file name or to view the .OUT file.


Click on the appropriate button in the Column Export box to specify whether to export all file columns or only selected columns. If selecting columns, click on the check mark below the columns you want to export.


Select the Numeric Type for the file.  NeuroShell 2 checks the file length to insure it matches the specified Numeric Type.


16 Bit Integer:      Refers to regular integer numbers.

32 Bit Integer:      Refers to long integer numbers.

32 Bit Float:         Refers to single precision floating point numbers.

64 Bit Float:         Refers to double precision floating point numbers.


Select the Export Menu to begin converting the file once you have specified the export conditions.  Also use this menu to interrupt the conversion process.