Bollinger Band - %B


Bollinger Band - %B

Variable List Abbreviation: BBand%B


Variable Mode(s): Standard, Stock, Futures1, and Futures2

[ Note: uses selected close variable in Stock, Futures1, and Futures2 modes ]


Parameter(s): BBand%B time periods, BBand%B StndDev multiplier



Relates current price to the high and low Bollinger Bands.  The value of %B is essentially the current price position in the band expressed as a percent of the band width.  Values over 100% indicate a price above the high band.  Values below 0% indicate a price below the low band.  Values between 0% and 100% indicate a price within the Bollinger Bands.




100 *      ( value - Bollinger Band Low )         .                  

      (Bollinger High Band - Bollinger Low Band)

Note:  if (Bollinger High Band - Bollinger Low Band = 0) then BBand%B = 50