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Advanced Neural Networks Overview

Advanced Neural Networks Detail

Apply Backpropagation Network

Apply Kohonen Network

Apply PNN Network

Apply GRNN Network

Apply GMDH Network

Apply to File

Architecture and Parameters

Attach Files Side by Side

Attach Files Top to Bottom

Attach Output File Overview

Attach Output File Detail

Backpropagation Architecture - Standard Connections

Backpropagation Architecture - Jump Connections

Backpropagation Architecture - Recurrent Network

Backpropagation Architecture - Ward Networks

Backpropagation Learning

Backpropagation Training Criteria

Backpropagation - Pattern Selection

Backpropagation - Weight Updates

Backpropagation - Changes in Learning Rate and Momentum

Backpropagation - Calibration

Backpropagation - Saving Training

Backpropagation - Stopping Training

Beginner's Neural Network - Overview

Beginner's Neural Network - Detail

Contribution Factors Overview

Contribution Factors Detail

Correlation Scatter Plot Overview

Correlation Scatter Plot Detail

Custom Prenetwork

Custom Postnetwork

Data Entry (Datagrid) Overview

Data Entry (Datagrid) Detail

Data Set Colors/Styles

Examine Data Overview

Define Inputs and Outputs Overview

Define Inputs and Outputs Detail


DLL Server - Overview

DLL Server - Detail

File Import

ASCII File Import

Binary File Import

Spreadsheet File Import

File Export

ASCII File Export - Detail

Binary File Export - Detail

Spreadsheet File Export - Detail

Variable Graphs Overview

Variable Graphs Detail

Graph Variable(s) Across All Patterns Overview

Graph Variable(s) Across All Patterns Detail

Graph Variable Sets in a Pattern Overview

Graph Variable Sets in a Pattern Detail

Graph Attributes

Graph Scaling

GMDH Architecture

GMDH Learning

GMDH Smart Training Criteria

GMDH Advanced Training Criteria

GRNN Architecture

GRNN Learning

GRNN Genetic Adaptive Learning

GRNN Training Criteria

High-Low-Close Graph Overview

High-Low-Close Graph Detail


Indicator Optimizer

Indicator References

Kohonen Architecture

Kohonen Learning

Kohonen Training Criteria


Learning (Beginner's System) - Overview

Learning (Beginner's System)  Detail

Market Indicator Package - Overview

Market Indicator Package - Detail

Scaling and Activation Functions

Missing Values

Network Architecture Backpropagation

Network Architecture GRNN

Network Architecture Kohonen

Network Architecture PNN

PNN Architecture

PNN Learning

PNN Genetic Adaptive Learning

PNN Training Criteria

Printouts Overview

Printouts Detail

Race Handicapping Prenetwork - Overview

Race Handicapping Prenetwork - Detail

Race Handicapping Postnetwork - Overview

Race Handicapping Postnetwork - Detail

Rules Overview

Rules Detail

Runtime Facilities

Scaling and Activation Functions

Show Weights

Symbol Translate Input Files - Overview

Symbol Translate Input Files - Detail

Symbol Translate Output Files - Overview

Symbol Translate Output Files - Detail

Test Set Extract Overview

Test Set Extract Detail

Training and Stop Training Criteria

Training Graphics - Backpropagation

Training Set Average Error Graphed Against Epochs Elapsed

Test Set Average Error Graphed Against Intervals Elapsed

Error Factor Ranges of Training Set Patterns

Error Factor Ranges of Test Set Patterns

Training Graphics - GRNN

Test Set MSE Smoothing Factor

Test Set MSE Smoothing Factor Graphed Against Generations

Training Graphics - Kohonen

Distribution by Category - Bar

Distribution by Category - Pie

Training Graphics - PNN

Incorrect Patterns Graphed Against Smoothing Factor

Test Set MSE Smoothing Factor Graphed Against Generations

Training Graphics - GMDH

GMDH Criterion Value Graphed by Layer Number

Viewer Overview

Viewer Detail

Weights In Link