High Low Close Graph Detail


High Low Close Graph Detail

_bm54This option allows you to select variables from your data file that may be graphed as the high, low, and close values of a stock price, which you may then examine for trends in your data.


When this graph is selected, a High, Low, Close Variable box is displayed which allows you to select a radio button for each and a corresponding variable from the Variable/Column List box.  For example, use the mouse to select the radio button for High and then use the mouse to highlight the variable name in the Variable/Column List box which contains corresponding high values.  Repeat for the Low and Close variables. Once you have selected all of the variables, click on the Graph button to display the graph.


Use the File Menu to select a file to graph, to print the graph, or write it to a file.  Also use this menu to view the pattern file.


Use the Edit Menu to copy the graph to the clipboard or to clear the graph.


Use the Graph Menu to select the type of graph:  Variable(s) Across All Patterns, Variable(s) Across N Patterns; Variable Sets in a Pattern, Two Variables Against Each Other, or High Low Close.


Use the Options Menu to decide whether to hide the Variable/Column List and display a larger graph,  to change Graphics Attributes, Graph Scaling or to change Data Set Colors/Styles.