101 Uses for a Neural Network

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The following list of 101 neural network applications was developed by Ward Systems Group, Inc. customers a few years ago.  There are many more yet to be discovered.


    stock market prediction

    horse racing picks

    price forecasts

    spectral analysis and interpretation

    disease diagnosis

    oil exploration

    magazine sales forecasts

    optimizing raw material orders

    legal strategies

    commodity trading

    credit applications processing

    predicting student performance

    urinalysis results

    psychiatric diagnosis

    polymer identification

    athletic training optimization

    circuit board problem diagnosis

    product identification sales prospect selection

    quality control

    help desk applications

    employee selection

    chemical compound identification

    screening of estimates for time and material

    glass design

    capital markets analysis

    analysis of medical tests

    prediction of psychiatric treatment outcome

    classification of cloud fields

    managerial decision making

    sensor interpretation


    teaching cognitive psychology

    marketing analysis

    travel vouchers screening

    workload prediction

    response instructions for alarm activity reception operator

    security risk profiling

    process control

    troubleshooting of scientific instruments

    predicting labor hours required for industrial processes

    economic indicator forecasts

    computer-aided design

    analytical chemistry applications

    NFL predictions

    optimizing operation of fusion furnaces

    hypertension therapy

    mental tests

    bacteria identification

    optimizing scheduled machine maintenance

    real estate sales forecasting

    cost analysis

    spectral peak recognition

    teaching languages

    screening decisions regarding child abuse and neglect

    currency movement forecasts

    ground water quality control

    fault tracing systems

    physical system modeling

    heart murmurs differential diagnosis

    inventory analysis

    drug screening

    optimizing results of biological experiments

    temperature and force prediction in mills and factories

    teaching problem solving

    property tax analysis

    selection of criminal investigation targets

    information reconstruction

    harness racing

    nutrition analysis

    geophysical and seismological research problems

    factory and shop problem analysis

    selection of on-line sensors for chemical process

    mining education

    travel service recommendations

    cash flow forecasting

    predicting parolee recidivism

    business strategy models

    damaged product identification

    EKG diagnosis

    optimizing production scheduling

    psychiatric and psychological exploration

    personnel profiling

    botanical data analysis

    molding machine operation

    method selection for chemical characterizations

    other sales forecasts

    computer aided instruction

    locating tax evaders

    alarm system malfunction diagnosis

    computer assisted translation

    battlefield target recognition

    agricultural experiments

    particle recognition

    teaching AI

    college application screening

    mutual fund picks

    purchase order screening

    predicting employee retention

    water resources management

    ecosystem evaluation.