Changes Between Release 3.0 and 4.0

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This section will detail changes between NeuroShell 2 Release 4.0 and R elease 3.0.


Support of long file names

NeuroShell 2 is now a full 32-bit product, working with Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT.  All modules and options support long file names that comply with Windows 95/NT standards for long file names.


Increased Speed

NeuroShell 2 is now faster than ever. All operations, including training, are much faster. The most notable speed increase is in the Indicator/Optimizer, which is about 7 times as fast as it was before.


Support of modern Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file formats

NeuroShell 2 Release 4 Spreadsheet Import module allows import of worksheets from workbooks written in modern Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file formats up to Microsoft Excel 97.  For more information, refer to Spreadsheet File Import.


R squared is no more clipped at zero level

During calculation of the R squared statistic everywhere in NeuroShell 2 Release 4, the resulting value is no more clipped at zero level.  If your neural model predictions are worse than you could predict by just using the mean of your sample case outputs, the R squared value will be less than 0.  For more information, please refer to R Squared.


New examples

The Runreal example is now available in Visual Basic 5, Visual C 4.0, and Borland C 4.5.  This release of NeuroShell 2 now also includes an example of using NeuroShell 2 Runtime functions with a 32-bit Delphi compiler.  For more information, refer to DLL Server.


One more tutorial example has been added to the Help file.  It is a race handicapping example, showing for the user how to set up data, explode, train a network, apply a network, make predictions, and implode with the Race Handicapping Option.  Refer to Tutorial 3 for more information.


An example spreadsheet is now included in the NeuroShell 2\Examples directory, that explains why R squared (coefficient of multiple determination) is a better determination of model fit than r (linear correlation coefficient).


CD Distribution

NeuroShell 2 Release 4 is distributed on CD.  It is installed with the help of a modern and convenient setup, designed to be consistent with Microsoft's User Interface Guidelines for Windows Setup Programs.  The user will now also have an opportunity to uninstall NeuroShell 2 using the Add/Remove Programs option in the Control Panel.  For more information about installation of NeuroShell 2, please refer to Installation.


New 32-bit Help Files

NeuroShell 2 Release 4 help files are full 32-bit help files, including Contents, Index and Find tabs.


No printed manual

NeuroShell 2 is no longer distributed with a printed manual. The manual may be printed by the user desiring a printed copy from the help files.


Improved Batch Processor

The Batch Processor option is now even more friendly with a more convenient interface.  The results are now viewed in the Results grid instead of a message pane, giving the user new opportunities for further use of the results obtained with Batch Processor.  For more information on the Batch Processor option, please refer to Batch Processor Help File.


Old 16 bit operating systems not supported

NeuroShell 2 Release 4.0 no longer supports 16-bit operating environments like Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Windows 3.1 or lower.  However, all NeuroShell 2 files in Release 4 are fully compatible with Release 3 (the only exception is described in the next paragraph).  Users may still run NeuroShell 2 release 3 under 16-bit operating environments, and use the obtained nets with NeuroShell 2 Release 4, or vice versa.


Change in internal representation of very large files

For files with number of patterns greater than 32,767, the ordering of patterns in the internal representation of such files in previous releases of NeuroShell 2 differed from sequential ordering. If you open a large pattern file from previous releases of NeuroShell 2 with Microsoft Excel 97 or with any other spreadsheet capable of handling such files, you will see that patterns beginning from 32,768th go in reverse order.  NeuroShell 2 Release 4 now uses sequential ordering.  To transfer a large pattern file from previous releases of NeuroShell 2 to the new format, please use the ASCII Export module in previous releases of NeuroShell to save the file as text file, and then use the ASCII Import module in NeuroShell 2 Release 4 to convert it back to the internal representation, with sequential ordering. Files with number of patterns less than or equal to 32,767 are fully compatible and they can be used in NeuroShell 2 Release 4 without any conversions.


The following components were removed as obsolete:

1. Equis Metastock Files import module

2. Omega Downloader import module

3. Omega Tradestation Run-Time Add-On


Calling Predict function from Excel 2000

The CALL worksheet function no longer works in Excel 2000 or Excel 97 SR-2. Microsoft has disabled the CALL function from worksheets because of security reasons.

A VBA macro function called Predict was built to work around this problem. The new Predict function is located in the PRED.XLA Add-In in your NeuroShell 2\Examples\Runtime Examples\Excel2000 directory. For details please see help on the Predict function.