NeuroShell 2 Overview

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NeuroShell 2 is a software program that mimics the human brain's ability to classify patterns or to make predictions or decisions based upon past experience.  The human brain relies on neural stimuli while the neural network uses data sets.


NeuroShell 2 enables you to build sophisticated custom problem solving applications without programming.  You tell the network what you are trying to predict or classify, and NeuroShell 2 will be able to "learn" patterns from training data and be able to make its own classifications, predictions, or decisions when presented with new data.


Both NeuroShell 2 and the brain are able to solve problems that cannot be solved by conventional computer software written in a step-by-step mode.


Just like the brain, however, neural networks are not guaranteed to always give an absolutely "correct" answer, especially if patterns are in some way incomplete or conflicting.  Results should be evaluated in terms of the percentage of answers that match those an expert might give.