Product Support Information

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If you have a question about how NeuroShell 2 works, we recommend you proceed in the following order:


1. Search this help file for the answer to your question.


2. Visit Advanced User's Technical Support web site at You will need your product serial number to login.


3. Send an email to In the email, please provide your name, your NeuroShell 2 serial number, and detailed description of the problem. Support emails are normally processed and answered within one business day.


4. If after exploring first three options you still have a question, call WSG technical support at (301) 662-7950 Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 12 noon, and from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. EST.


When contacting WSG technical support by phone, you will get a faster answer to your question if you do the following:


1.  Have your NeuroShell 2 serial number available.  The number is printed on a label on your distribution CD.


2.  Be at your computer with NeuroShell 2 on the screen.  The technical support staff is better able to help you if you can repeat the sequence of events that led to the problem.


3.  Know the exact wording of any error message that appeared on the screen.


4.  Have available the following information about your system:


a.  Hardware type and model number and amount of memory (RAM) installed.

b.  The release number of Microsoft Windows that you are using.

c.  Monitor type and screen resolution.

d.  Network configuration, if any.

e.  Printer manufacturer, type, and model.