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NeuroShell 2 Help
Product Support Information
NeuroShell 2 Overview
How to Use NeuroShell 2
Beginner's Neural Network
Advanced Neural Networks
Runtime Facilities
NeuroShell 2 Files - Spreadsheet Format
How to Build a Neural Network Application
Which Net Should I Use?
How Do I Find the Most Important Variables (Inputs)?
On-Line Tutorial
Tutorial One - Beginner's System Electric Cost Prediction
Tutorial Two - Beginner's System Stock Market Prediction
Tutorial Three - Advanced System Race Handicapping
Advanced System - Backpropagation - Lines
Advanced System - PNN - Spiral
Advanced System - GRNN - Saddle
Advanced System - Kohonen - Realty
Advanced System - Backpropagation - XOR
File Input
File Import
ASCII File Import
Binary File Import
Spreadsheet File Import
NeuroShell 2 Datagrid
Symbol Translate Input Files
Variable Graphs
Details on Different Graph Types
Build Neural Network
Define Inputs and Outputs
Test Set Extract
Backpropagation networks
Backpropagation Architecture - Standard Connections
Backpropagation Architecture - Jump Connections
Backpropagation Architecture - Recurrent Network
Backpropagation Architecture - Ward Networks
Backpropagation Training Criteria
Kohonen networks
Kohonen Architecture
Kohonen Training Criteria
Probabilistic Neural Networks (PNN)
PNN Architecture
PNN Training Criteria
General Regression Neural Networks (GRNN)
GRNN Architecture
GRNN Training Criteria
Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH) networks
GMDH Architecture
GMDH Smart Training Criteria
GMDH Advanced Training Criteria
Beginner's System Learning
Backpropagation Learning
Kohonen Learning
PNN Learning
PNN Genetic Adaptive Learning
GRNN Learning
GRNN Genetic Adaptive Learning
GMDH Learning
Viewing and Changing Weights in Link
Apply Neural Networks
Contribution Factors
Apply to File
Apply Backpropagation Network
Apply Kohonen Network
Apply PNN Network
Apply GRNN Network
Apply GMDH Network
Attach Output File
Processing Files Through a Trained Network
Variable Graphs
Symbol Translate Output Files
Problem Output
File Export
File Export
ASCII File Export
Binary File Export
Spreadsheet File Export
Examine Data
DLL Server Overview
How to Use the DLL Server
Source Code Generator Overview
How to Use the Source Code Generator
Market Indicator Package
Market Indicator Package Overview
How to Use the Market Indicator Package
Indicator Optimizer
List of Indicators
Indicator References
Race Handicapping Package
Race Handicapping Prenetwork
Race Handicapping Postnetwork
Neural Network Overview
101 Uses for a Neural Network
Application Tips
Market Predictions
Sports Prediction and Handicapping
Process Control
Alternative to Multiple Regression
Alternative to Discriminant Function Analysis
Polynomial Nets (GMDH) Overview
Changes from Previous Releases
Changes Between Release 1.1 and 1.5
Changes Between Release 1.5 and 2.0
Changes Between Release 2.0 and 3.0
Changes Between Release 3.0 and 4.0
Changes Between Release 4.0 and 4.2

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