Indicator References

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The indicators that appear in this program were created using the following references:


The Encyclopedia of Technical Market Indicators

Robert W. Colby and Thomas A. Meyers

Dow Jones-Irwin (Homewood, IL), 1988


The Handbook of Financial Market Indexes, Averages, and Indicators

Howard M. Berlin

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The Handbook of Stock Index Futures and Options

edited by Frank J. Fabozzi and Gregory M. Kipnis

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Methods of Correlation and Regression Analysis

Mordecai Ezekiel and Karl A. Fox

Wiley (New York, NY), 1959, 3rd edition


Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities - The Trader's Magazine

Technical Analysis, Inc.

3517 SW Alaska St., Seattle, WA 98126-2700


(various issues 1990-1992)