Printouts Detail


_bm57Printouts Detail

Use the Printouts module to send a file to a printer.    You can choose which columns to include in the printout, whether or not to print column names, and the number of decimal places to the left and right of the decimal point.  The module sends the printout to the Windows printing system for processing.


The File Box displays the name of the file that will be printed.  The default setting is the .OUT file for the current problem.  Use the File Menu to choose a different file name.


The Select Digits Relative to Decimal box allows you to choose the number of decimal places that will print.  Click on the appropriate number for both the left and right side of the decimal point.


Use the Column Export box to specify whether to export all spreadsheet columns or only selected columns by clicking on the appropriate button. If selecting columns, click on the check mark below the columns you want to print.  (Note:  The Printout module will only print one page of data, so if you select more columns than will fit on a single page, the last columns will be truncated and will not print.  In order to print the entire file, you may have to print it several times, selecting different columns each time, until you have selected all of the columns in the file.)


Select Column Names if you want to print column names with the file.


Use the File Menu to select a file, change page setup, or to view a file.  Page Setup follows the Windows conventions and includes printer selection, print range, print quality, number of copies, and whether to collate copies.


Use the Print Menu to begin printing the file or to interrupt printing.