NeuroShell 2 Datagrid

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_bm1Data Entry (Datagrid) Overview

Use the Data Entry module to enter data directly into NeuroShell 2 format or to view files after network processing.  NeuroShell 2 allows you to use either the NeuroShell 2 Datagrid or your regular spreadsheet.


Datagrid: (the default setting) is a spreadsheet-like data entry form that allows you to cut, paste, and move data, but it is not a fully functional spreadsheet. The Datagrid was designed for use with small files only as it becomes slower and less efficient with large files.  Refer to Data Entry (Datagrid) Detail for more information on using the NeuroShell 2 Datagrid.  If you are working with large files, we suggest using your regular spreadsheet.  See below for details.


Spreadsheets: You may use the NeuroShell 2 Main Menu Options to select a spreadsheet program that you would like to use as a data entry and viewing mechanism within NeuroShell 2.  Refer to How to Use NeuroShell 2 for details.  When your spreadsheet is used as a data entry mechanism, you need to save your files in a .WK1 or Excel 4 .XLS format and add range information if your file contains labels.  Refer to NeuroShell 2 Files - Spreadsheet Format for details.  Otherwise, you may read files that were created in spreadsheet programs into NeuroShell 2 by using the Spreadsheet File Import module.  Using this module, the range information will be added automatically.