Spreadsheet File Export

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_bm49Spreadsheet File Export - Overview

This module allows you to export the data from a NeuroShell 2 internal file into a spreadsheet file with a LOTUS 1-2-3 .WK1 or Microsoft Excel extension.


The user must specify which columns in the designated spreadsheet will receive data from the NeuroShell 2 internal file.  (If the spreadsheet designated to receive data from the NeuroShell 2 internal file is blank, there is no need to use the File Export module because the NeuroShell 2 file is already in spreadsheet format.  The Spreadsheet File Export module will not send data to a blank spreadsheet, nor create a new spreadsheet.)


Note:  If your original spreadsheet contains range, macros, or graphics information, you may not want to use this module to replace your existing spreadsheet because NeuroShell 2 internal processing strips off range and graphics information.  To view the network's predictions or classifications in your original spreadsheet, you may want to copy them from the .OUT file viewed in the Datagrid and paste them into your original spreadsheet.


See Spreadsheet File Export - Detail for more information.