Race Handicapping Postnetwork

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Race Handicapping Postnetwork - Overview

_bm20This module restores a file created by the Race Handicapping Prenetwork module (an exploded file with 2 horse comparisons) into a file that displays all horses in a single race on the same row (an imploded file).   The exploded file must be an output file created by applying a trained network to an exploded pattern (.PAT) file or production (.PRO) file.  The output file must also include the network inputs.  You create this file by using the Attach module to combine the .OUT file side by side with the exploded .PAT file to create the final .OUT file.


For more information, refer to the Race Handicapping Postnetwork - Detail module.


You may also refer to Tutorial Example Three to see how to set up data, explode, train network, apply network, make predictions, and implode with the Race Handicapping Option.