Transfer Information to Another Problem


Transfer Information to Another Problem

The Transfer option on the Main Menu File Menu allows you to select some or all of the files from the current NeuroShell 2 problem and copy them to another problem.  This option is useful when you want to create an application similar to the current problem and you want to make use of existing files, but with another problem name.


When you select the Transfer option, a screen displays a list of available NeuroShell 2 files for the existing problem.


The Source Problem will default to the name of the current problem.  Use the File Menu to change the name of the source problem.


Use the File Menu to select the name of the Destination Problem, the one to which you want to transfer files.


When both a Source and Destination Problem are identified, you can use the mouse to check the names of the files you want to transfer to the new problem.  The new problem file names will be displayed on the screen.


Use the Transfer Menu to begin creating the new problem files.  Use the Interrupt Transfer option to stop the process.