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10 Reasons to Purchase Neural Network Modeling Software
from Ward Systems Group
1. You don't need to know anything about how artificial intelligence works, or any advanced training to use our software successfully.

2. We provide free phone and email consulting assistance to help you understand how to apply our software to your problem. This assistance is really modeling expertise that we actually prefer that you take advantage of, because your success will probably depend your access to our modeling knowledge.

3. Our free technical support will help you use the software, and it is staffed with program experts who work at headquarters.

4. Given the important free assistance outlined above, the software is very inexpensive. You could pay tens of thousands of dollars for another company to build your application with software less capable than ours.

5. Ward Systems Group pioneered the widespread introduction of artificial intelligence into everyday use back in 1988 with our first version of NeuroShell. Prior to this first neural network software, use of neural networks was largely confined to academic research.

6. Ward Systems Group has provided assistance in building prediction, classification, and optimization models to probably hundreds of application types and tens of thousands of users. We know how to help YOU.

7. Ward Systems Group is operated by full time employees who work in a brick and mortar office owned by our stockholders in Frederick, Maryland, USA. You won't be dealing with a single individual operating out of his bedroom in a third world country and using virtual phone numbers and websites in another industrialized country.

8. If you call, you will usually get live assistance instead of an answering machine during our office hours (9:30am to noon, and 1:00pm to 5pm Eastern time, Monday through Thursday, 9:30am to noon and 1:00pm to 4pm Eastern time, Fridays, except holidays.) We are proud of the sales and support assistance we provide.

9. We have the fastest neural net paradigm in the industry (TurboProp2), so you don't have to wait hours for an answer.

10. Our technical support has never been limited to some number of days as is the custom of many companies, as long as you are using supported releases and operating systems.



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