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We are not here just to sell you software. As strange as that sounds, it would be short sighted of us to concentrate on just making the sale. Our software is extremely powerful stuff that has proven itself over and over again. Nevertheless, we know that in order for the technology to catch on in a really big way in the future, everyone who buys it needs to be successful in applying it to their own unique problems. We know you may need some guidance in how to apply the exciting artificial intelligence that we offer. Therefore we are selling you a relationship, not just the software.

This relationship starts when you talk to our sales department. They are trained to discuss your application, your concerns, and the natural hesitancy you may feel about purchasing artificial intelligence software. The job of our sales department is to assist you in determining whether the technology is right for you and can help you do what you need to do.

The relationship continues and grows stronger after you purchase the product. Many companies limit you to 30 days of technical support, or they charge you for calls beyond installation assistance. Most companies hire so few support personnel that you have to wait in long telephone queues to get assistance. At Ward Systems Group, Inc. we realize that such practices do not promote the long-term acceptance of artificial intelligence.

In fact technical support is really a misnomer for the continuing assistance that we provide in this relationship. What we provide is really more like consulting. Sure, we provide assistance in the mechanics of using the program, but more than that we continue to help you understand how to develop strategies for the effective use of the technology. This “consulting assistance” has never been limited in duration by this company (we’ve never cut anyone off from the support) because we want our customers to be successful.

We know we need to do more than just sell you software and we will do more. Our technical support (consulting) is free as long as it’s reasonable and by telephone, fax, or email. If you need more intensive consulting or personalized training, we can offer that assistance at hourly rates in our office or yours.

We also maintain a special “advanced users technical support web site” wherein we post tips, techniques, new documentation, and new examples from time to time. Our serious users have found this site very helpful and educational. This site also contains a user forum where you can post your ideas and benefit from the suggestions and experiences of other users.

The bottom line is that through your relationship with us you will not be alone, and you will not feel like a pioneer trying to solve your problem.

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