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KillPopulation(Population As Integer)


Purpose:   This function erases the entire population, including all individuals and chromosomes.  All of the information related to this population will be lost.  This function de-allocates memory used by the population.  The population number is free and can be reused with a subsequent call to the function GetNextPopulation.


Note: Be sure to kill all populations when they are not needed.  Although leaving the population after exiting the program will not cause an immediate error, successive calls by such a program may fill up the list of populations and thus make further reservation of populations (see MakePopulation function) impossible.  Suggested places to call KillPopulation are in your menu exit routines and in the unload procedure for a form.



Population is the number of the population that you are going to kill.


Example: i = KillPopulation(PopNum)


This example kills the population whose number is stored in the PopNum variable.


Related Functions: MakePopulation