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MakePopulation(Population As Integer, PopSize As Integer, SerialNo As Long)


Purpose: This function creates and initializes for use the population with the specified number.  You must call this function before calling any other functions except GetNextPopulation.  To get the number of the population, the user must first call the GetNextPopulation function.  The number of individuals in the population is specified by the second argument, PopSize. A typical value is 50-100 individuals.



Population is a number from 0 to 127 that will be used as a reference for the population.

PopSize is a number from 4 to 2,000 that specifies the number of individuals in the created population.

SerialNo is the GeneHunter serial number you received when you purchased.


Example: i = MakePopulation(PopNum, 50, 12345678)


This example creates and initializes the population with the number stored in PopNum.  The number of individuals in the population will be 50 (whose numbers range from 0 to 49).  The serial number on the diskette is 12345678.


Related Functions: GetNextPopulation, KillPopulation