Serial Numbers

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Serial Numbers

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This section applies only to those users who want to program with GeneHunter rather than utilizing the Microsoft Excel user interface.  The example problems for the genetic algorithm function calls (Optimize, TSP, and MAXI) included on your distribution diskette will illustrate many of the concepts we have discussed in this manual.  The examples are included as .EXE programs and as Visual Basic code.  To run the example programs by compiling the Visual Basic code, you will need to use your GeneHunter serial number.


The serial number you received when you purchased GeneHunter is unique to your copy of GeneHunter.  In fact, it is your password, so do not reveal it to anyone.  As the code is distributed, the dummy serial number 1000 is stored in the arguments of the MakePopulation function in all example programs.  You can use the Visual Basic Find menu command to locate MakePopulation so that you can change 1000 to your serial number before recompiling.  Do not change it to a variable with a readable name such as "serialnumber" because variable names might be located in Visual Basic .EXE files and their values are thus subject to reverse engineering.